B2B Information Services

Industry Niche Description

B2B information services companies collect, process and disseminate mission-critical information that enables clients to perform key functions effectively and in a timely manner.

Investment Thesis

The proliferation of data is creating new opportunities for enhanced data-driven decision making. Whether for market share, operational benchmarking, pricing or other functions, timely, accurate data is necessary for companies to remain competitive and maximize operational efficiencies. In addition, the cost of acquiring and maintaining the right data is high, driving an increased need for dedicated providers of mission-critical data and information.

Representative Targets

Attractive target companies within this niche may have the following attributes:

  • High levels of recurring revenue & revenue visibility, typically through subscription-based or multi-year contracts, with high renewal rates.
  • Proprietary access to valuable, often longitudinal datasets.
  • Patented and/or proprietary methods for data curation, processing and dissemination.
  • Non-cyclical demand given the mission-critical nature of data provided.
  • High barriers to entry due to the cost to develop/acquire data and the embedded nature of data in client workflows.


Ray Wagner
Managing Director
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