Insurtech Solutions

Industry Niche Description

Insurtech Solutions represent innovative technologies that are transforming the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry. These technologies drive cost savings, efficiencies and productivity across the entire insurance value chain, which includes product development, distribution, underwriting, policy administration and claims. Our focus is specifically on providers of data analytics, specialized “point solution” focused software and tech-driven specialty services for the P&C insurance industry.

Investment Thesis

The evolution of the P&C market from a slow-moving, people-driven model to a technology enhanced ecosystem has necessitated the creation of numerous technology services and platforms focused on key business needs. However, the lack of coordination or market consolidation amongst carriers has driven little unification or cooperation from these various platforms. These dynamics have led to a proliferation of targeted, point solutions that are critical to their customers and that could be highly complementary if consolidated into one platform.

Representative Targets

Attractive target companies within this niche may have the following attributes:

  • Leading technology and service solutions that enable outsourcing of administrative and other back-office functions.
  • Providers of data and data analytics to P&C carriers.
  • Cost containment and subrogation technology solutions.
  • Tech-enabled services focused on administration and cost reduction within the claim process.


Ray Wagner
Managing Director
(314) 446-3315