Kiosk Software & Services

Industry Niche Description

Providers of outsourced managed services, including software, remote monitoring, applications, internet and cybersecurity, to owners and operators of unattended kiosks across a variety of industries.

Investment Thesis

As automation becomes more commonplace, the use and count of unattended kiosks will continue to grow as vendors seek to increase customer convenience, improve productivity, and decrease operating costs. Managed services providers will be a critical component of these kiosks to ensure optimal uptime and monitorability, ease of use for patrons, remote content management and visibility, and maximum data security.

Representative Targets

Attractive target companies within this niche may have the following attributes:

  • Providers of recurring outsourced managed services, including, but not limited to, remote monitoring, cybersecurity, internet connectivity, machine diagnostics, and remote content management.
  • Providers of proprietary software, operating platforms, and front-end applications incorporated into the functionality of kiosks.
  • Excludes companies that generate a majority of revenue from field services or the sale of kiosk hardware.


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