Post-Acute Technology Services

Industry Niche Description

Software & tech-enabled services to post-acute care providers in alternative settings.

Investment Thesis

As healthcare continues to shift from hospitals to alternative sites, tech-enabled outsourced solutions provide critical services to alternative site-of-care providers. Niche solutions enable economies of scale, efficiency and regulation adherence, and are poised to benefit from macro shifts in the healthcare industry.

Representative Targets

Attractive target companies in this niche may have the following attributes:

  • Serve providers of care in alternative settings, such as the home, independent clinics, long-term care or skilled nursing facilities.
  • Highly recurring revenue models that avoid direct patient care or direct reimbursement exposure.
  • Leverage technology to optimize, automate or outsource personnel-intensive and error-prone workflows, such as care coordination, patient and nurse workflows/logistics, data analytics, loss & waste mitigation and patient adherence.
  • Ensure compliance with payor requirements and healthcare regulations.


Ray Wagner
Managing Director
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