SDKs & Libraries

Industry Niche Description

Providers of software development kits (SDK), libraries, components, APIs and other development resources for application and system software.

Investment Thesis

The resources required to build secure, scalable, maintainable and quality software across industries and applications will become more important as software and related technologies drive an increasing share of economic activity. Moreover, software design principles often argue for modularity and the separation of concerns. Trusted providers who focus on critical foundational technology such as SDKs and libraries will be uniquely positioned to benefit from these trends.

Representative Targets

Attractive target companies within this niche may have the following attributes:

  • Providers of document, data and language processing SDKs and development resources.
  • Providers of mathematical and engineering SDKs and development resources.
  • Providers of telemetry SDKs and development resources.


Ray Wagner
Managing Director
(314) 446-3315