Supply Chain Software

Industry Niche Description

Software and technology solutions that drive improved speed, accuracy and efficiency across supply chain operations.

Investment Thesis

The shift from offline to online commerce, the “Amazon Effect” and heightened labor challenges are creating an ecosystem of technology providers helping to drive efficiency across supply chain operations. These technology-driven solutions help optimize the production of goods, provide end-to-end visibility throughout the supply chain, support faster, more accurate order throughput and drive more efficient delivery of goods.

Representative Targets

Attractive target companies within this niche may have the following attributes:

  • Software and tech-enabled services companies with high levels of recurring revenue and revenue visibility, typically through subscription-based or multi-year contracts, with high customer retention.
  • Supply chain-oriented technology providers supporting planning, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics challenges with proven, high ROI solutions.
  • Mission-critical offerings that are highly embedded in customer workflows.
  • Differentiated solutions with unique IP/technology, network effects and/or first-mover advantages.
  • Limited labor intensity with highly scalable, asset-light business models.


Ray Wagner
Managing Director
(314) 446-3315