Elephant Rocks State Park - Belleview, Missouri
Elephant Rocks State Park - Belleview, Missouri

Pride in Partnership

We begin by listening and never pretending to know more than the founders and management teams with whom we partner. Then, as a team, we work together to identify opportunities for growth, and leverage our experience, strategies, and resources to build value.

Partnership Approach

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Thompson Street’s not here to be some player in the background. They’re here to make a huge name for themselves in what they do and we hope that PestCo’s going to be a big part of that.

Jay Keating, PestCo

Value Creation

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We’ve really benefited quite a bit from the advice that [Thompson Street has] given us, from the process they use for helping a company to identify opportunities to improve in the future and just generally from being plugged in to the ecosystem of best practices for companies throughout multiple industries.

Ed Rothberg, Gurobi Optimization


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Thompson Street says what they mean and they stand by it. From day one, what they said they would do, they did. I would recommend Thompson Street Capital Partners because they stand by what they say they’re going to do.

Scott Thomas, Revenue Management Solutions

Experienced Investors

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I’m always amazed at how intelligent the Thompson Street team is and how quickly they can grasp what the underlying drivers of our business are even though they’re not in the day-to-day components of the business.

Mike Pizzella, StayLock Storage
Statements about Thompson Street made by third-party portfolio company executives included herein are intended to illustrate Thompson Street’s relationship with management teams of portfolio companies, including with respect to Thompson Street’s role in working as a partner alongside portfolio company management teams. While certain statements were made by individuals who are also investors in Thompson Street-sponsored funds, no such persons have been compensated for making the statements included herein.